SUPERECO is a company that offers highly effective wood pellets in the region of Blagoevgrad. Our main target is achieving high product quality.
Wood pellets are innovative solid fuel in small granules made of the waste timber.
Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, 32 Grigor Parlichev Str.
tel.: +35973 870909
tel.: +359879 806868
“SUPERECO” company was founded in 2012 and began production, sales and supply of high quality wood pellets. Both the usage of high-tech machines that process the quality wood and the work of professional team led the company to establish business successfully in both domestic and international markets – Italy, Greece and Slovenia.

“SUPERECO” produces pellets of selected biomass of conifer trees which has high efficiency combustion. The activities of the company cover the whole production process – from peeling the bark to packaging the product. The pellets were tested in an authorized laboratory that issued the company with a certificate to approve the high quality of the product – Class A1. The tested pellets indicated low percentage of moisture and sulphur and lower percentage of ash after burning. The size of the pellets is from 15mm to 25mm packed in bags of 15kg each.

“SUPERECO” –the most important is the high quality of the product and customer satisfaction. Thank you!
Wood pellets are solid fuel in the shape of small cylindrical granules. Our company produces pellets only of high quality timber. Heating with pellets has numerous advantages such as: automated material feeding to the burner, as well as the small amounts of the waste product that remains after burning the pellets.

During the production there is no need to add adhesive chemicals to the used biomass.

The production process consists of several stages: initially rough grinding of the raw material, drying out, quality fine grinding, pressing and cooling. After these processes the ready material is packaged or stored.

Pellets’ shaping takes place in the pellet presser. To this end the process takes place under high pressure and high temperature.


The company has a professional team of 12 people, its own transport vehicle for local delivery. The main office and store are located at 32 Grigor Parlichev Str., Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, and the second office located in the production facility at Polena, Blagoevgrad District, Bulgaria.
The retail price of the premium quality wood pellets offered by SUPERECO is 380 BGN per tonne, excluding VAT.

Our company has its own fleet. You can rely on us at any time for carrying the ordered pellets, with weight limit of 3 tonnes.

In the region of the town of Blagoevgrad and the town of Simitli the transport is for free. Should you need transport outside these towns, we will agree on additional terms and conditions.

Pellet orders and transport requests could be placed using the telephone numbers provided.
SUPERECO - Production and supply of premium quality pellet fuel – Class A1

Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
32 Grigor Parlichev Str.

Office: +35973 870909
Mobile: +359879 806868
Manager, Gavrilov: +359898 277516
Manager, Balabanov: +359899 953306

e-mail: [javascript protected email address]
GPS: 42.023459 N 23.095708 E

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SUPERECO - Production and supply of premium quality pellet fuel – Class A1 -
Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad
32 Grigor Parlichev Str. | +35973 870909, +359879 806868